Retreats, Excursions
and Flamboyant Recreation in Bali

We’re about to craft an unforgettable journey upon the call of your soul —
go on make a wish! We'll arrange your every dream become true just the way you wanted it
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You are planning to visit Bali

With your family or colleagues
With friends and/or like-minded crowd
As a part of the group for some meditative techniques
With loved ones to create an event of life
By the time you descend to the Balinese land from the plane, the upcoming trip will be perfectly planned by our team at your request, budget and interests.

We provide competent support, counseling, and assistance as part of the selected package of leisure options.

Anything you might want to see, do, get to know, or acquire in Bali will become real.

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You Don't Want to Waste Your Precious Time?

Why submerge into endless attempts to look up for the events, locations, excursions, Masterminds etc.? Instead of come and visit ALL that why Bali is called “The Island Of Gods” without any delays!

Start your exciting vacation right from the moment when your plane has landed at the Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar

Just let us know when the idea of visiting the Island illuminate your mind. What exactly your journey will be like — we discuss all together.

And while you’re taking care on buying the tickets, chatting to your friends telling what a trip is waiting ahead, we will arrange everything to make your stay here truly fascinating as well as unburdened by worldly concerns.

Whatever that would have been, either anniversary event, or business meeting, fun refreshment with friends, family voyage or all this in one. We will craft the original concept for your vacation accompanied with a photo and video escort by the best of Pro’s in Bali  upon your wish.

We’re living here on the island for quite a while and we want you to have a deep look at it with our eyes. To let you get to the very heart of the island of incredible events, plunging into its atmosphere at 100%.
We will create and arrange an outstanding yet comfortable vacation according to your wishes and demands.
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You might need us if you are:

Group over 8 persons
willing to get to know the island for the following purposes: recreation, health improving, meditative immersion into one’s own world
that is planning various training events for the personnel within a group up to 100 persons
Business community,
online education institution, corporate client network, social figure willing to arrange an event for own subscribers, customers, followers, etc.
Educational center,
club, studio, the group practicing some transformational, spiritual and health-improving methodologies

We will take on nearly any assignments regarding the organization of your trip

A meeting
Friendly and hospitable meet & greet at the Ngurah Rai airport
Transfer from/to the airport
Selecting an optimal place for your comfortable accommodation with possible price off up to 20%
Providing you with competent advice regarding the selection of the best among specialists practicing in many different fields and areas
Drawing up a route/program, tour or retreat scenario
Implementation of a set of effective measures to significantly (2-3 times) reduce your vacation costs
Car and Bike Rent
Rent-a-Car assist referring to the reliable bureaus only
Photo & Video escort
PRO equipment, exclusive shooting. Get yourself a colorful mosaic of memories from Bali
Information support and assistance
Competent info support is guaranteed during all time of your stay

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Why is it worth refer to our particular company for help in organizing your holiday in Bali?

We won’t let you buy a “PIG IN A POKE” package
Often the information given at various web sites doesn’t match what you really get. Therefore, our employees are able to evaluate all the facts declared by the resource owner right in the place of its actual location. Including attachment of actual photos
Save fair amount of your time
Obviously, if you don’t have enough knowledge as to nuances and details of how does the business flow on the island today, looking up for necessary services and tour products yourself, there is no doubt you definitely will spend quite a lot of precious time. Why not spare it to have your best vacation ever right now instead!
Save your budget
We know exactly where and from whom you can rent a house, respectively, of any budget. From the low cost one to the most demanding. We also know how to plan a based on your budget coolest possible trip, then organize a transfer for your group to make it become true priceless impressions from the adventure
Best maharishis on the island
There are only proven specialists in our database. The craftsmen that profess at various spiritual techniques and directions
Share your wants, and we will select the most respected among them
Safety and comfort
We do personally verify the level of competence along with visiting every location to make sure there are the best accommodation conditions for our guests. You pay exactly for what you've chosen. Wherever you might be, we're always keeping in contact to make you feel comfy
Nothing unnecessary
With us, you will not have to pay for the services that do not seem appropriate, or that are unnecessary, and therefore, you don't need those.
Together we compose an author’s retreat or special tour for you, which will consist of the most attractive offers only

Trust begins with making an acquaintance

Hi! My name is Parida Alishova
It’s been already two years me living in Bali. Honestly, my love for this island is just infinite.Since I decided to stay here as the best place to be, I have successfully arranged and conducted over 500 events of various nature.

No matter if it were business meetings, practicums, retreats, physiotherapy, tours, spiritual practices, transformational plays, and many othersBesides, I was lucky to get to know or even partially master nearly 80 different practical approaches represented by either widely known Maharishis, and those preferring to stay beyond the bounds of universal glory.

I had to deal with a considerable number of specialists in fields of various directions, that’s why I believe I’m pretty much versed in them.
Ask me a question
My name is Made Suarnata. I’m your Balinese local contact and a friend who is involved into making your dream alive along with Parida.

Made Suarnata
+62 821-4488-8373
I have been living in Bali for more than 3 years and, admittedly, I adore this island endlessly. I will become your tireless guide to the wonderful world of Bali!


Parida is a proactive, responsible and very organized person! I got the most out of working with her!
I want the same!
I can recommend and vouch for Parida as a very responsible organizer and specialist in Bali.
I want the same!
Galina Trubacheva
I know that Parida will tell me all the wonderful places where you can stay, where you can live, where you can go.
I want the same!
He collaborated with Parida for a year and a half on the project "Village of Udaladenschikov in Bali", her duties included:

1. Meeting and checking in guests.
2. Organization and conduct of free and paid events in the village.
3. Creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere in the village.

Parida coped well with her duties, regularly received positive reviews from guests.

I had the opportunity to be physically absent in Bali without worrying about the project as a whole.

Parida found solutions in dealing with demanding customers.

I was very pleased with the cooperation!
I want the same!
With all my heart I want to write thanks to Parida, who organized a retreat in Bali in January 2019, where I met her.

For me, service, speed of fulfillment of wishes and politeness are very important. Parida has it all. I lived in a great hotel, we had a wonderful room (beautiful, modern, fashionable, comfortable and clean).

I was comfortable studying and conducting training !!! Parida showed a lot of attention and care not only to me, but to all participants of this retreat!

I'm glad I met her! And I am always looking forward to new meetings !!! It's nice when business relationships grow into friendships and for a long time!!!
I want the same!
In 2018, our academy organized a retreat in Bali for its students. About 35 guests and speakers took part in the trip, among whom were Katya Lel, Pavel Kochkin, Katya Melnik, Alexei Lemar, Ilya Curie, Sergey Artemyev and other guests. All from different parts of the country. We were recommended to contact Parida. She proved herself to be a responsible and organized performer.

She helped organize the conference itself,  accommodation and commuting to the accommodation. Our participants spent fascinating leisure time and were able to visit the most vibrant and interesting places in Bali, and at prices much lower than the standard organizations.

The Purushottama Academy and its students sincerely thank Parida for her help and hope for further cooperation!
I want the same!

Events photos

We are a team inspired by the island's energy, united by a common goal: to turn the time of your stay in Bali into an unforgettable holiday, where each event will be filled with positive vibrations, along with a competent organization and constant support from our employees. We will do everything to make your memories of Bali shine, dressed in eternity.

Take a sneak peek on what might expect you in legendary Bali

Retreats and tours

Includes delivery of 4 services:
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation of a desired standard
  • Planned activities and entertainment in all locations of the island: north south east and west, lasting  up to 6-10 hours at each location.
  • Estimated calculation of costs for the trip, based on your budget.
from 180$
Cost for 1 person
For groups of 30 people and more, a significant discount is provided, which is calculated individually.
Group: from 8 people.
Duration: from 5 days.
Creating the author’s retreat/tour of your choice:
  • Transfer
  • Accomodation
  • Creating a trip on four sides of the world directed: North, East, South, West (of 8-10 hrs length each)
  • Selection of Masters
  • Development of an individual program consisting of spiritual, bodily and self-developing practices, as well as business and cultural events and entertainment
from 230$
Cost for 1 person
For groups of 30 people and more, a significant discount is provided, which is calculated individually.
Group: from 8 people.
Duration: from 5 days.
The final cost is determined after drawing up an individual program.
Organization of a special offer accompanied by your group curator.

If you are a media person or a blogger, and it is important for you that your holiday in Bali becomes 100% exclusive and that without any doubt it becomes a VIP level travel or content tour we will create for you a bright and useful turnkey vacation.
  • Transfer
  • Accomodation
  • Accompaniment of the group by a curator, designed to solve all organizational issues, in order to make your stay on the island as carefree as possible
  • Tours of the most interesting locations, distributed by the days of your vacation
  • Balinese massage and SPA
  • The program throughout the rest or tour (optional)
  • Entertainment program - the most famous or secret places of Bali
The cost of the program will depend on the number of people and the options selected. The calculation is made after consultation.

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Meeting at the airport with our team - flowers, Balinese traditions and acquaintance. You can fully experience the wonderful landing in Paradise. Comfortable logistics and properly selected transport, depending on the size of the group. If someone from your group arrives later, we will certainly take this moment into account and arrange the meeting in the most convenient way.

Settlement in the chosen housing and introduction to the course of life on the island.

Meeting with our representative, the Wellcome Drink, a Q & A session about the most important and necessary :)

We will select and organize several island travel programs with you at once - 8-10 hour trips to attractions, places of power, entertainment and beauty in such a way that you spend more time where you really want and are interested, and as little as possible in crowds onlookers, waiting for tourists arriving late at the hotel fees and trips to places that are included in the standard excursion packages, which you absolutely do not need.

Each trip is combined individually based on a number of options below:

  • waterfalls
  • Power Places
  • beaches
  • plantations
  • temples
  • volcanoes
  • sources
  • local attractions and traditions
  • gourmet indonesian cooking
  • island nightlife

Additional services available for a fee are also available.

View the list of services Choose it
  • yoga (all directions)
  • photo and video
  • breathing practices
  • Tantra
  • business tours
  • arrangement
  • stretching
  • healthy eating
  • dancing (various directions)
  • bodily practices
  • moto and bicycle tours
  • sky cycling
  • rafting
  • horse rides
  • island tours
  • diving snorkeling
  • theme parks and zoos
  • hot air balloon travel
  • surfing
  • beach parties
  • Human Design Project
  • psychosomatics
  • neurography
  • art therapy
  • transformational games
  • SPA programs and massage
  • meditation (various kinds)
  • sound therapy
  • aromatherapy
  • energy practices
  • Ecstatic dance
  • sauna and bath
  • floating
  • music events
  • ethnic culture
  • enduro
  • ATV rides
  • trekking
  • balinese healers
  • shopping tours
  • stream drawing
  • astrologers
  • tarologists
  • IAC cards
  • portraits
  • master classes for food (raw food diet, Balinese cuisine, vegetarian and vegan)
  • makeup classes
  • pyramids Chi
  • accompaniment of the group by the curator

If you did not find a product in this list that matches your preferences, then specially for you, individually, we will select Masters / events / impressions, etc.

Choose it